Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I thought things might slow down after graduation, but boy was I wrong! I've had the busiest two weeks ever! starting off with graduation and my senior show which was so fabulous. Here's a picture of my wall that Rachel Ducker took:
(My family has inexplicably bad luck with cameras and thus I have yet to see one photo of me graduating either high school or college. . .)

This last week, a previous classmate and I went to a High School's all night party to draw caricatures until 3 am. It was a blast! All the Students were manic with sleep deprivation and completely goofy (laughing at all of my terrible jokes!) And I got a few shots of some with their caricatures.

(these pictures keep dissapearing)

And then the next day I flew down to Mobile, Alabama with my sister to visit our spectacular gem of a Nana. I bought a new sketchbook for the trip which I started to hack into with doodles of bystanders at the airport, and some of the Live Oak trees they have growing everywhere down south. And we visited the Mobile Museum of Art! It was a very amazing trip for only being four days that mostly consisted of airports. I just got back today in time to frame my Zombie and the Siren piece for the Creature Feature show going up in the Calvin Gallery on Division ave in Grand Rapids. The show will be up until June 29th and the reception is on Saturday the 9th of June! 

In my quite limited spare time I have been doing portraits of the Characters from the Fall, a beautiful film.