Saturday, March 17, 2012

lots o' book illustrations

My Graduation is quickly approaching and so is my senior showcase. In Light of that frightening fact I spent today Gessoing four boards in the hope that I will come up with something neat to put up in my showcase in addition to my Ella illustrations for Portfolio class. T-minus 6 weeks until showtime. EEK!

Chapter 13 of Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine wherein a baker gives ella bread and directions by drawing in the flour on his table. Graphite.

Chapter 21 of ella Enchanted Wherein Ella dreams of sliding down the stairail at the royal palace.
I just adore the compositions in these. I love working with the chapter heading of books. It's something I really hope to professionally do in the future.

From Snow Glass and Apples by Neil Gaimen. I'm still not happy with it (especially the back girl's face.) Pencils over acrylic on board again, not as fun this time. you know what that means? More experimenting! weeeeee!

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