Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to portfolios

I am working on some book related illustrations for a more analogous body of work to go in my portfolio. 

I still have to draw all those little bottles. . . 

I'm also going to re-do some homework pieces from school. You may remember this one. I like this facial expression in this drawing better. And that Rockwellish profile to the side of the original was not up to par.

I am only a sketch!

I went through a burnt out period after graduating in June and had a hard time seeing personal projects to completion. I made very few things that I liked. But, I read so many books and did many many thumbnails and sketches that I can work with now!

I am so glad to be liking the stuff I make again. I am excited to get into some projects!

Monday, October 8, 2012

This is a tablecloth toile I drew for a 3d project of Rick Reichert's design.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Creepy creeper collection @ Calvin Gallery

The Creature Feature show was a hit with the tremendous help of the lovely Barbara Council who made great arrangements for the Illustration club (She also made great snacks!)

Rick and I perusing the show.
(Picture courtesy of Barbara! Did I tell you she was lovely already?)
The Avenue for the Arts was going on at the same time and there were THRONGS of people hanging out and sharing artwork. It was a fantastic day to be in the art field!

My piece The Zombie and the Mermaid featured in the show amongst some FAB Kendall illustrators.

Find out more about the show, Avenue for the Arts, and Calvin Gallery here: http://www.calvin.edu/centerartgallery/studio/

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I thought things might slow down after graduation, but boy was I wrong! I've had the busiest two weeks ever! starting off with graduation and my senior show which was so fabulous. Here's a picture of my wall that Rachel Ducker took:
(My family has inexplicably bad luck with cameras and thus I have yet to see one photo of me graduating either high school or college. . .)

This last week, a previous classmate and I went to a High School's all night party to draw caricatures until 3 am. It was a blast! All the Students were manic with sleep deprivation and completely goofy (laughing at all of my terrible jokes!) And I got a few shots of some with their caricatures.

(these pictures keep dissapearing)

And then the next day I flew down to Mobile, Alabama with my sister to visit our spectacular gem of a Nana. I bought a new sketchbook for the trip which I started to hack into with doodles of bystanders at the airport, and some of the Live Oak trees they have growing everywhere down south. And we visited the Mobile Museum of Art! It was a very amazing trip for only being four days that mostly consisted of airports. I just got back today in time to frame my Zombie and the Siren piece for the Creature Feature show going up in the Calvin Gallery on Division ave in Grand Rapids. The show will be up until June 29th and the reception is on Saturday the 9th of June! 

In my quite limited spare time I have been doing portraits of the Characters from the Fall, a beautiful film.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

the Siren and the Zombie Sailor

I'm calling it done. It's really not as perfect as I could make it, but I'll never stop working on it if I don't call it done now. It's printed oh so nicely, framed, and up in the 7th floor of the Kendall building waiting for everyone to see it!

Student show opens at 4pm on Tuesday the 1st and will be up until Saturday for your viewing pleasure!

Everyone's work is fabulous especially on the 7th floor!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Final Projects!

Final as in the last projects that I will ever complete for grades- and by grades I mean straight As.

He's Shy.
the Coy Fish that lives in the Watering Can.
Acrylic and colored pencil.
Like a shy genie in a bottle.

And the last f the ella enchanted illustrations! I love these!

I love mixing illustration and type. Storytelling is in my bones!

T-minus 19 days until graduation!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Siren and the Zombie sailor

I only have two classes this week because my professor is in this really cool masters program and she has to go to texas so with all of this freetime I decided to get some extra art done.

He's recently died of thirst and thats why he's not decaying yet?
Also the top inch or so of orange is missing. that's where a title & author would go if this were a book cover.

Between the constantly re-doing of things that should be finished and ignoring this painting for weeks I have never spent quite so much time on any one thing and it's hardly done yet! I really hope to have this finished before my senior showcase show. I'm quite proud or it so far. I really miss doing digital paintings, traditional media can be like walking through mud to get to a final There's so much between idea and actually getting to start work on a piece. Digital seems to cut out so much measuring, gessoing, projecting, paint mixing, needing to go to the store to buy one more pencil/brush/paint/thing, and cleaning off all my brushes.

Speaking of which here is another Acrylic and pencil that went okay, but it was more of a learning experience than something I'd frame.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

lots o' book illustrations

My Graduation is quickly approaching and so is my senior showcase. In Light of that frightening fact I spent today Gessoing four boards in the hope that I will come up with something neat to put up in my showcase in addition to my Ella illustrations for Portfolio class. T-minus 6 weeks until showtime. EEK!

Chapter 13 of Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine wherein a baker gives ella bread and directions by drawing in the flour on his table. Graphite.

Chapter 21 of ella Enchanted Wherein Ella dreams of sliding down the stairail at the royal palace.
I just adore the compositions in these. I love working with the chapter heading of books. It's something I really hope to professionally do in the future.

From Snow Glass and Apples by Neil Gaimen. I'm still not happy with it (especially the back girl's face.) Pencils over acrylic on board again, not as fun this time. you know what that means? More experimenting! weeeeee!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Finished Illustrations and Some Mixed Media Testing

Album artwork for Advanced print media. Snails with shells made from the scrolls of violins (with tuning pegs attached) being lifted by fireflies.
The "with text" version

For my portfolio class I am illustrating Ella Enchanted. In chapter one Ell'as curse is introduced by an accidental order to eat cake. So she eats cake until she gets sick.

Again for portfolio, Ella chapter 4, a dish is magically swept away.

Warning naked ladies below.

This is acrylic on board and then covered with Prisma color pencil and I love it. I am going to use it for my next print media project.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fall 2011 Sketchbook.

This sketchbook is FULL. which means it's time to start a new sketchbook and who doesn't love big books full of blank paper?! oh, that's just me. Uh, well then, this is awkward. . .

flipping through these pages has made me realise two things. Firstly that my style is coming along mych better now, and secondly, that I really love Sirens. They're like moody, creepy, mermaids.

(And I don't know if anyone actually visits this blog and notices that I change it's layout about once a week, but I'm working on a portfolio website design and I keep changing the design of this blog to match it. It will settle on something soon, I promise.)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photo comic

This is my short photo comic for my intro to photo class. It's short and creepy but it's quite large so if you have slow internet or slow computer. . . god speed to you.

yo yo yo.

That handsome young man is my very kind and cooperative boyfriend!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Roller Derby poster.

18"x 24" Cut paper.

Cutting out all the letters was surprisingly fun.

I'm doing a creepy comic project for my photo class So I've been cooping myself up in my studio listening to creepy music like the soundtrack to Series of Unfortunate Events by Thomas Newman. I sure love creepy things, it's too bad I'm so optimistic and stuff, I never get to make any scary things. I can't wait to show off this short comic!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

two posters and a watercolor

hey here's some animated.gifs of the process I took to make these two posters. How neat!

I'm also working on my branding with Abbi McClung. Hopefully I can get up a simple portfolio website by the end of the year!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Summer Art and Soc. of Illustrators piece

This piece (completed in Novemeber 2010 for Jon McDonald's rendering class) was in show at the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Exhibition in NY. And it's featured in the 2011 Student Scholarship Catalogue which is now for sale.

Fraggles. 20"x14" Graphite on Bristol board

This is a self portrait I worked n for a few months. It still needs a few finishing touches. Namely the arm of the chair which is still a solid color.

These are pictures, which i stole from facebook, and just did quick studies for practice.

My Sister . . .

and Meg.

Soon I will update with things from this semester's poster design and professional practices class.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life drawings (NSFW)



http://tigre-lys.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d396uik 02-09-11 "The Matrix- but, with cough drops."


http://tigre-lys.deviantart.com/art/02-23-11-Bacchus-hangover-19986548902-23011 "Bacchus' hangover"

http://tigre-lys.deviantart.com/#/d3atmgx 03-02-11

And that's all until after spring break!
This is my last life drawing class. I guess I'll just have to lure people in to model for me when it's over . . .

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Digital paintings

Just some practice painting caricatures of the people over at sexypeople-blog.com in Photoshop.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mostly finished children's book illustration.
Some close-ups: